I have been working on my final project throughout all five COETAIL courses. The video below is just a small part of everything that I created for SPELTAC: Social Platform for English Language Teaching Across the Curriculum. Throughout COETAIL, I was busy setting up and running a professional learning community in the form of a multi-site, which was totally inspired by the whole set-up of COETAIL itself.

All five COETAIL courses allowed me to explore and practice important technology aspects of creating this professional learning platform. Course 1 and 2 allowed me to explore various ways to collaborate on a global level. I explored various curation tools and through Flipboard, Google Plus, Facebook, and Flipboard Magazines started curating an enormous amount of information relevant to the seven courses about language learning in international education I designed.  I formulated my mission as:


Course 2 led me to understand I would not be able to use books by renowned authors in the field of EAL and bilingualism, so I curated these books on Google Reads and referred to important readings in blogposts.

I learned a lot about branding, creating a digital footprint and visual literacy and tried to make the SPELTAC website look as professional as possible.

I set up SPELTAC because my school’s Admin was looking for professional learning to meet their whole-school goal to meet the needs of EAL students. Together with the website, I led two whole-school introductory professional development days at my school, the first of which I documented here.

Part of SPELTAC was to work in inquiry groups, off-line. Final projects were then presented in March during a staff-led professional development day. All of these projects were uploaded to a member-only part of the SPELTAC website, one can be found at the end of this blog post. I presented my reflections on SPELTAC in this presentation:

A word of thanks

None of this could have been achieved without the endless hours of troubleshooting I spent with my technology coach, Matthew Dolmont, who on top of his COETAIL time commitments also set the bar high for other SPELTAC participants in the various blog posts he wrote as well as his stellar final project for SPELTAC.


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