Digital Safety: Need a good idea for a grade 5 lesson on Phishing?


I want to document this very successful lesson as a shout-out to @emilyvand and @matthewdolmont, two wonderful educators I work with. It was a digital safety lesson on Phishing that I was lucky to be a part of. Need a good idea on how to teach a grade 5 class about Phishing?

  • Go into your spam box and find a range of Phishing emails, print and hand these out.
  • Ask kids to highlight anything ‘phishy’.
  • Ask groups to come up with ‘tips’ to teach others about what to look out for.
  • Write these on fish.

img_3230 img_3227 img_3232 img_3233img_3231 img_3234

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  1. Matt Dolmont says:

    Hey Marcelle!

    I loved doing this lesson, much credit to our colleague Emily Van Dykhuizen (@EmilyVan12 on Twitter) for running with my original ideas and helping to put this together. Hoping to do it even better next year, I wonder if any of our brilliant COETAIL colleagues can offer us some ideas?


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