Why I joined COETAIL: learning a mile a minute!

For my first COETAIL blogpost, I am going to refer to a blogpost I wrote previously, Globally Connected- an inquiry into Word Works, which highlights my experience with Twitter and blogging and how it accelerated my own learning and professional growth. Over the winter break I enjoyed reading Mastering Digital Literacy, in which Steve Hargadon calls this a ‘personal cognitive revolution’:

I had heard about COETAIL and when I explored blogposts by other COETAILers I recognized I was not alone in experiencing this revolution, so how soon could I join?

One thing in the orientation course that struck a chord was in the What is blended learning? video, which said creation is the highest order thinking skill on Bloom’s taxonomy. It reminded me of when I experienced this growth before when I entered university and was expected to create (write and research)  as opposed to how I was taught in high school where I struggled to memorize facts and sit tests. I did this mostly by myself, so even though the creation part was helping me learn much more than before, there was one important thing missing. Vivian’s post on COETAIL Orientation Day and her reference to an online university course, really underlined for me how far we’ve come in understanding the power of making connections in relation to learning and how we can use technology to leverage that.

Really looking forward to COETAIL!

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  1. Jon Banules says:

    Hi Marcelle,

    Your relating of your “cognitive explosion” and “cognitive revolutions” as discussed by Hargadon really caused me to reflect on my own experiences as a teacher at ISPP.

    About three years ago, I experienced a similar sort of awakening, in terms of tech use and understanding, when Google began to push out its Drive suite of applications and blogging became a very large part of teaching at our school. The amount of connections which became instantly possible amongst teachers, parents, grandparents in far off countries, and students developed into a very unique sort of teaching euphoria.

    In the next year, I began to see the potential of apps like Twitter, iMovie, Google Docs, and the Doctopus script to really facilitate administrative tasks of the classroom, collaboration between students and the larger community, and the use of a variety of media to help students express their understandings. Faculty members encouraged me to become a GAfE qualified individual, which I did.

    Now is time to add to my cognitive explosion with real inquiry into how our digital world can link us all as learners. I’m very interested about how this time in COETAIL will affect the kind of learning communities that we foster amongst our students and amongst ourselves with the EAL PD!

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